CASE STUDY: How Natalie Hodson Sold $20,000 Worth of Her Ebooks in One Day?
From the Desk of Jenelle Livet 
April, 2019
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First, let me begin with a word of encouragement..if you've tried to build a business with your products and services, it can prove to be extremely frustrating.  

Why Many Traditional Course-Creators-Authors-Teachers Struggle To Sell Their Products Online

(This is why...)

It is simple. They don't know how to find customers..and really 
INTERESTED customers.

And when they try Facebook, Google or Bing advertising online, the cost of the advertising eats up all of their profits.  

It’s the catch-22 that kills so many businesses and dreams.

The truth is: You need sales (not just views or likes) so you can create money for your business…

But the reality is that you and I need to spend money on advertising in order to make a sale and acquire a new customer!

The truth is, it is possible to sell a LOT of books and courses - AND actually make it into a profitable business

...if it’s done the right way.   

We (and Natalie) use a very simple funnel that I want to show you now:

Click on the image below to watch Natalie's video story of how she
sold enough ebooks (after having two 10 pound babies) that led to her $20,000 day.

UPDATE: Natalie has now sold $1 million dollars of her ebooks in 4 months by using this particular sales technique. I'm using it as well! 


A little bit about me - I was an overworked, underpaid worn-out, stressed-out schoolteacher breaking into hives at the sound of my alarm going off each morning at 5:45 a.m. I literally began to hate my life. I dreaded going to bed. As soon as the alarm clock went off, I had to scurry off to school districts where I didn't have a clue what my day would look like or what unpleasant situations in the classroom I would encounter (and there were lots of those).

And to top it off, these school districts were in our town's high crime neighborhoods.  Where I come from, we call any elementary school that begins with a B, one to be avoided at all costs. If the school's name began with a B, only the new teachers who didn't know any better, would agree to teach in "those" schools. And this is exactly what happened to me. My life became a quest just to survive, and I regretted having hastily picked education as my college major. My biggest goal as a little girl was to get married, and have children, but along the way I knew it was wise to invest in my own education, just in case. That proved to be a wise decision later in my life, and I still believe and encourage you to invest in yourself.

So, one of the first things I did online was to BLOG about fitness. 

And blog..and blog some more...for an entire summer for goodness sakes!

The total revenue from that summer of OBSESSING and thinking about "how to get six pack abs"? Zero. Thud. Dud. 

But I did gain six packs of fat sitting at my computer :(. So, I went back to the drawing board.

I had to re-evaluate why my blog was not performing (converting in leads/sales), and why the ebooks were not selling. 

Maybe it was my product? 

Maybe it was the design on my page?

Maybe I didn't haven't enough visitors to my website? 

I certainly had tried to "piece-meal" my sales pages that were so ugly I was ashamed to let people to actually see them. Big sigh! This was so frustrating, can you relate?

It was so overwhelming, I quit. But just for a short time. I was totally smitten with the "bug" of having income come in from stuff I did online. And that is exactly where my journey got interesting. I became like a dog with a bone, I decided to be persistent and figure this thing out. And thankfully, I finally did.

What was the difference?

I found the right product to put in front of a potential customer as a "solution." 

and then it was downright easy. I discovered that promoting other people's products with built-in sales funnels who had already taken the "black eye" of what didn't work, and tweaked those pages to find out what DID work... was key. And I didn't have to do anything, but get people to those winning pages. 

🎈UPDATE: Natalie has now sold 🍒 $1 million dollars of her ebooks in 4 months by using this particular sales technique. I'm using the same software as well and loving it.

Click the image below to SEE THE REST OF THE STORY of how Natalie sold enough ebooks about getting back into shape after having two 10 lb babies. 


A $20,000 day selling an ebook of information?

My first ebook that I wrote was a book of poems that I sold to a guy in Singapore for $37 when I was asleep.

What is one subject you could write up into an ebook to sell online? 

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