Is your Baby Boomer Brain Tired of trying to work out the Techie Stuff you were told you needed to get started with Internet marketing?
Discover a Stupid Easy System that you can use to Make Money from Other Peoples Products. 
Created By a washed-up overworked underpaid Baby Boomer
The only way you can fail is if you do not Try
Attention All Baby Boomers
"Easy Income with Step by Step Plan for Extra Income"
Dear Boomer
Have you saved enough for your retirement or are you going to be living a life of stress and worry because there is just not enough money to live on?

I have been working in the hospitality Industry since a very young age as my parents ran the catering in a Bowling Club that was located in a holiday area. Our school holidays were always spent prepping food at home or in the trenches feeding the masses at meal times. 

It was a tough upbringing but one that served me well throughout my life. I was never without work and my purpose in life was to provide service with a smile and my biggest challenge was to turn a grumpy customer into a happy customer before they left. I always celebrated my success with this. 

Today however is a different story.
Sure I still make people smile but everyday it is getting harder to perform my work as I have pain in every joint and muscle.
Each Day I need to take a handful of Pills 
just to manage the pain and
 get through the day
I knew I had to find another way to make money so I turned to the Internet
My family thought I was crazy and kept telling me that there were nothing but scammers and I should save my money.

I went on a spending Spree and maxed out my credit cards. I tried every product that hit my email. I was suffering from the shiny object syndrome. I had even brought the same products twice. What a DUFUS!!

The situation was getting worse. I had no money and my credit cards were maxed out. I was getting desperate to make this internet marketing thing work.

Then one night I came across a blog post that snapped me into reality and what it said made a lot of sense.
"making money online is not that hard" You just have to follow the "K.I.S.S." Principle
So I Took a long hard look at all the things I had been shown to do and worked out what needed  the least amount of effort and did not involve any coding or making wordpress websites, facebook ads, twittering or buying traffic and would only need a small investment. 
After all this was a business and I wasn't stupid enough to think it could all be done for free.
" I needed to treat this like a business so it was important to realise that there would be an investment of some sort"
I locked myself away and came up with a battle plan. 
I am telling you I felt like I had been in a battle for a number of years trying to follow instructions that were missing a vital piece of info and trying to make websites.
I even got banned from Google
I spent money on Mentors who were only interested on Lining their pockets and not even patient enough to show me the basics. They would disappear and I would be back where I started.
I was ready to Quit 

I could just hear my family say " I told you so"
I was determined that this was not going to beat me so back to the drawing board I went and I made up my own system. I figured well the Gurus were full of SH*T and did nothing but lie so I would buy more products. It was all up to me.

I realised that in order to be successful you needed to leverage the big sites on the Internet and what is Bigger than Google 
I finally found a system that was easy to implement with no coding. I had to test this and was surprised to see not long after setting this up I had clicks and even a commission. I knew this was it. 
Now all I had to do was focus on this one thing and my life would change
I have had this system going for several months now and finally I can leave my jobs ( 3 of them as they were all casual positions) 
I have finally been able to have a holiday after 12 years of not even having more than 2 days off in a row. 

I can go where ever I like Whenever I like and just take my laptop along to do my couple of hours of work. Heck even if I didn't feel like doing any work 1 day the commissions still come in. You see this is a set and forget system. Set it up once and it is there getting traffic and sending you sales.

" Life is good and that is why I would like to share this easy system with you" 
Inside The Baby Boomer Battle Plan 
  •   How to get Started with Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products)      even if you have had no experience at all
  •   How to use the affiliate marketing platform to find products that sell 
  •   How to Find High Converting products that pay you big Commissions
  •   The best place to get traffic so you get sales fast 
  •   How to set up a sales system that will pay you over and over again even while   you sleep
Who is the Baby Boomer Battle Plan For?
- If you have been looking for an easy step by step system to start making extra money on the internet this is for you

- If you have purchased a bazillian products online and have not managed to make any of them work then this is for you

- If you are stuck in a job you cannot stand and want a different way to make money. This is for you

-If you are almost at retirement age and have realised that you are not even going to have enough money for a beer at the end of a long day relaxing. This is for you
If you are ready to get started click the link below to get your Easy to Set up sales system with Step by step videos. 
What Others are Saying
Kristie Chiles
Kristie Chiles- Baby Boomer 
 If you're brand spankin' new to the "make money online niche", stop what you're doing right now. Are you sick, tired and even bone-weary of information overwhelm...Just silently wishing you had a daily plan? A Battle Plan with someone guiding you saying, "Do This, next Do That?" Then, you're going to love this. Jenelle's course is EXACTLY what you need to get started tonight to learn how to promote other people's products for income. Easy-Peazy. Grab your copy below. 
 Love it, Jenelle! - Kristie Chiles
Income Proof from one of Kristie's Accounts

My Guarantee to You 
Try it for 30 days and if you cannot get it set up or you do not like this system simply send me a message and I will get all your money refunded immediately
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